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Academic & Special Libraries Section of the Library Association of Ireland.
I can vouch for the brilliance of the ASL committee as I was a member for six years.
Read all about my expereinces here. Joining a committee is very worthwhile for your Professional Develompemt.
Career Development Group of the Library Association of Ireland.
The Career Development Section of the LAI represents both existing library and information professionals and new graduates looking for job opportunities. Further details here.
Libfocus @libfocus
A communal blog with a broad and open-minded take on the subject of library and information management.
Join #irelibchat on twitter for Irish LIS chat.
THE blog to follow right now!
Library Association @leabharlainne
The Library Association of Ireland. Representing librarians and libraries in Ireland.
The objectives of the Library Association of Ireland are to promote and develop high standards of librarianship and of library and information services in Ireland, and to secure greater co-operation between libraries.
NPD Ireland @NPDIreland
New Professionals Day Ireland –
Interested in the Information Profession? Event details released soon. @LibraryEvents.
Collating library events in Ireland.