LAC Group is looking for a team of Cataloguers for a project which will take place in Dublin, Ireland from early August 2014 until early Feb 2015 (approx 26 weeks).  The team assigned to the project must be experienced librarians and archivists who have a proven track record of cataloguing to international standards [MARC21; AACR2; ISAD (G); LCNA; LCSH; Dublin Core].

A good knowledge of 20th century Irish history is essential for all team members. At least one of the project team will also be proficient in Irish.

The project will focus on collections of personal and political papers and the team will create item level metadata, sort items into an appropriate order, ensure consistent numbering and re-house items where necessary.

All team members should have experience of cataloguing a diverse range of material and a proven track record in delivering accurate and timely records, and ensuring that authority records are correct and that the records meet international standards. The cataloguers should have an excellent working knowledge of cataloguing standards and practice and should be familiar with cataloguing software systems, ideally including the Virtual library management system (LMS).

Applications must be received by July 11th, confirming availability, stating qualifications and providing details of relevant experience

LAC Group is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and values diversity in the workforce. 

LAC Group is a premier provider of information curation and knowledge management services for information professionals at U.S. and global organizations including prominent government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, law firms, pharmaceutical companies, and large academic institutions.


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