Research and Markets is the World’s largest market research store with a selection of over
1,500,000 market research reports and business information products. Over 400 of the Fortune
500 buy their research from us!

We strive to offer our clients an exceptional user experience. As such, we are currently working
on improving how we tag our products with a view to offering our clients additional functionality
and to dramatically improve the overall user experience on our website.
In particular, we have been working on improving how our products are categorised by greatly
extending our existing taxonomy and implementing rules to automatically categorise new and
existing products.

We are looking for a smart and meticulous person to assist us with this project. As a data
analyst/taxonomist you will help shape the Research and Markets product taxonomy. You will
help build an intuitive and comprehensive navigation structure that optimises product discovery
on our website. You will also be responsible for the creation of the rules that will tag products
within this navigation structure.

This role is for an initial twelve month contract with the possibility of this being extended.

– Help to develop our product taxonomy to organize our extensive product selection for our customers globally.
– The creation and testing of rules for the automatic tagging of new products and the retagging of existing products within this taxonomy.

– An understanding of catalog and classification systems
– The ability to gain insight in to a diverse range of complex topic areas so as to understand how to ideally organise products within each
– Detail-oriented, decisive and self-motivated
– A strong desire to improve customer experience
– A strong focus on project delivery

The role is based in Dublin 8. For more information on working with Research and Markets please visit our Careers page.

Applications should be made by email to including a cover letter, CV and salary expectations.

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