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We offer over 1.5 million research resources, empowering our clients to make smart business decisions. Research and Markets offer a variety of business intelligence and market research product types; including market reports, subscription products, directories, database tables, maps, conference call transcripts, newsletters and much more. Over 400 of the Fortune 500 buy their research from us! Clients include GoodYear, GSK, Hilton Worldwide, Hewlett Packard, Accenture and many many more.

Research and Markets is looking for highly ambitious direct marketing executives to drive sales. Success in this role will be a result of generating and managing email campaigns and email campaign lists.

The role and remuneration will most likely suit someone who

  • has developed critical thinking skills while solving business issues,
  • is adept at writing business communication and
  • enjoys immersing themselves in data and information.

It will be to your advantage, although not necessary, to be familiar with mail campaign systems and have a Marketing qualification.

If the following describes you, Research and Markets would like to hear from you.

  • You are highly proficient in MS Excel
  • You have good typing skills and are meticulous about getting communication right
  • You easily manage data and can quickly make sense of often complex information
  • You don’t let things go – tenacity is your most appealing strength
  • You nurture data to ensure it is up to date and relevant
  • You are methodical in finding  a solution
  • You have experience in developing and maintaining a customer database

You will thrive in this role if

  • You want an employer who cares about its people and rewards them well for their impact
  • You are interested in the world of e-commerce
  • You are interested in making money as well as developing your career
  • You are agile and want to work in a flexible environment
  • You don’t like red tape and appreciate working closely with the decision makers


  • Flexi Time
  • Health Insurance
  • Highly Geared Commission structure
  • Double your salary if you are good, treble it if excellent.
  • Uncapped Commission
  • Annual bonus scheme.

The role offers scope for movement within the company.

Salary is 25K plus commission

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