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Situated in the heart of Dublin city, Belvedere College S.J is an all-boys Voluntary Catholic School under the Trusteeship of the Society of Jesus. It continues today a tradition since 1832 in the Jesuit approach to education. The College currently has 1007 students enrolled and has a number of famous alumni in the world of religion, the arts, politics, sport, science & business.

The College is seeking to appoint an inspirational and dynamic Learning Resource Centre Coordinator who can make a substantial contribution in the College.

The successful candidate will share our belief that the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is at the heart of the school and will therefore be integral in fostering a love of reading and learning through academic and extra-curricular activities. If successful, you will continue to develop the impressive LRC facilities and resources to further enrich our broad curriculum and inspire excellence in our students.

In return, we can offer you a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment in which to work, and excellent ongoing professional development.

Job Title Learning Resource Coordinator
SALARY Depending on experience
HOURS OF WORK Permanent, Full Time 37.5 hours a week

As part of the contracted hours, the post holder may be required to attend College events including Open Evenings, Parent Information /Induction sessions, training days, as well as some evening events. Please note that time in lieu and additional payment will not be offered for these days.

PAY FREQUENCY Monthly in arrears
LOCATION Belvedere College SJ.



The ideal candidate will have a commitment to making a difference to the lives of young people, including their education and wider achievements (self-esteem, confidence, social wellbeing and employability). They will have worked with young people and be able to organise and provide individual and group learning programme, as well as track in innovation systems for evaluating the effectiveness of Learning Resource Centre related programmes.


Librarianship qualification, either first degree or postgraduate


Commitment to safeguarding and the welfare of students

Previous experience of working in a Learning Resource Centre preferably a College Learning Resource Centre

Experience of working with young people and meeting their particular needs and requirements

Experience of utilising ICT and skills to access and retrieve Information

Experience of using digital/ multimedia


Expertise in online searching, using the internet and a range of subscription services

Ability to communicate effectively with all members of the College community

Excellent communication & interpersonal skills (orally and written)

Ability to follow administrative procedures understand and follow instructions

Excellent proactive customer service skills in meeting the needs of students and colleagues

Excellent organisational skills with knowledge of Learning Resource Centre systems

Excellent IT skills and ability to develop online engagement with students.

Knowledge and experience of current development is learning spaces e.g., JCSP and other Learning Resource Centre enhancements

Knowledge of young people’s interests and develop relevant use of relevant media including hard and soft copy materials.


Commitment to continued professional development

Ability to work well as part of a team, and to build trust and openness

Ability to link developing use of resources with the College curriculum

Skills and confidence to be able to instruct groups of students in accessing and using relevant media

Ability to lead in developing student programmes using emerging technology in a student centered environment

Can inspire students to develop their reading of appropriate material including books, online research and multimedia educational material

A keen interest in the innovative development of the Learning Resource Centre.

Good attention to detail particularly in relation to reporting on the effective use of the LRC

Be able to ensure appropriate behaviour in students, while maintaining a pleasant and welcoming environment

enthusiasm for engagement with college co-curricular programmes

Patience and perseverance in pursuing long and medium term projects.

Impartiality of judgement

Be able to form excellent working relationships with young people and have empathy with their lives and needs;


Job Purpose

The Learning Resource Coordinator (the concept is a multimedia resource centre. Literacy is no longer just books. It is the ability to discern authentic reliable material, online and in hard copy. The Learning Resource Centre has a key role in supporting the academic progression of students as well as supporting staff to improve levels of literacy and numeracy and develop the ability of students to research and learn independently, often using electronic resources. They will have a substantial impact on the attainment, achievement and progress of all students. “Today’s College Learning Resource Centre program is inclusive of a rich, integrated, digital and media literacy curriculum; 24/7 access to collaborative media engaging the users in participatory digital spaces; and flexible, user-centered, creative physical spaces. The transformation of the traditional College Learning Resource Centre into learning commons provides physical and digital space, relevant resources in a variety of formats, and expertise on incorporating research/information fluency, media, and digital literacy. At its core, the learning commons honours the expertise of the Learning Resource Centre media specialist within an environment that empowers students to imagine, be curious, think, and create new meaning”. (The Free Learning Resource Centre. 2015 E L Kurdyla) Publishing)

The LRC Coordinator will assist with the after-school study to support academic progress. They will manage the Learning Resource Centre on a day-to-day basis and monitor and support students, in consultation with the Deputy Principals, Year Heads and the Student Council sub-committee for the Learning Resource Centre. The development of the academic co-curricular programme, liaising with the Assistant Principals (AP1’s) responsible for student leadership is key to the role. Similarly, liaison with other Assistant Principals, including the API responsible for communications is essential in ensuring cohesion between the work of other staff in developing student leadership and the use of the Learning Resource centre in its fullest sense. Liaison with each subject department is essential in ensuring a safe, vibrant learning environment. Students need to be given opportunities to learn about and present to other students on virtual worlds, games, and digital labs, that aspire to link young people’s interest in media technology and social networks to learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) areas. Close liaison with the AEN (Additional Educational Needs) department, in ensuring that there is a cohesive approach for students is essential.

The Learning Resource Centre Coordinator will manage effective communications with teachers, students, parents and API’s and curriculum co-ordinators, as well as relevant agencies. The Learning Resource will liaise with the Guidance staff in coordinating services to students and staff supporting students transitioning to higher education and employment.

The Learning Resource Centre Coordinator will in accordance with College policies promote students’ welfare and support their learning. Responsibilities may vary according to need.

In addition, you will be responsible through collaborating with colleagues, to build and curate Learning Resource Centre collections, both electronic and hard copy to meet the needs of the College community. Close liaison with the Parents Association, particularly in ensuring parent volunteers are selected and trained in consultation with the Link Deputy.

Key Responsibilities Include

Overall responsibility for the management of the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). Managing the Centre and its resources to meet the needs of the curriculum and to support the reading, learning and information needs of the students and staff.

Play a key role in leading the consultation with teaching staff, to help select, organise the Centre in all formats to support the curriculum, and teaching and learning in general.

Ensure that there is a rigorous procedure in the selection, recording and refreshing of all materials. Organise maintenance of collections as required.

Develop the information retrieval skills of students and staff to allow them to access information effectively in both paper and electronic form.

Establish and develop a Student LRC Committee to ensure that the voice of students has a significant impact on the development of the LRC

Take part in induction of staff and students. Ensure that the use of the LRC is promoted by parents by contributing at Parent Information Evenings.

Assist students to access resources to complete projects and give appropriate advice and assistance regarding proper citation. The development of student trainers is part of the LRC Student Committee.

Organise the resources effectively and to use display material, particularly student produced material and other resources to ensure accessibility and attractiveness of the Learning Resource Centre for study and leisure use.

Carry out appropriate Learning Resource Centre duties, both clerical and professional.

Organise and deliver Learning Resource Centre induction sessions for students, including student leaders on the use of Learning Resource Centre resources.

To provide guidance and assistance to students and staff on information retrieval and reading materials.

Editor of the Belvedarian and College Journal (See Appendix 1 for role description and responsibilities).

Member of the Communications subcommittee and other committees as required. 

Resource Knowledge

Excellent knowledge of online and hard copy information sources; good knowledge of young people’s fiction.

To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the service provided by the Learning Resource Centre resource centre and implement changes where necessary.

Careers Information, Education & Guidance

To work with the College’s Guidance department to ensure that the there is a consistent, positive, and coordinated approach to careers and guidance.

Keep up to date with student welfare services and material to be able to support students.

Liaise with the Chaplains and Guidance in ensuring that the LRC is a safe, happy environment contributing to student welfare in the broadest sense.

Support where necessary, the development of a work experience and volunteer programme for students.

Support the completion and submission of forms relating to administration of Further/Higher education and employment applications, seminars and visits.


Provide group instruction and individual guidance to students to help them locate resources and use research techniques. In consultation with the relevant YH (Year Head) ensure part of the return to College information includes promoting the use of LRC materials and resources.

Consult teachers on appropriate use of materials and help them schedule materials for classroom instruction.

Serve as information resource for users of Learning Resource Centre materials and provide staff development opportunities for teachers on the availability and use of College and Jesuit Librarian/Learning Resource.

Behaviour management

Supervise students in the Learning Resource Centre and ensure that it is a safe, orderly, and happy environment.

Interact with students to promote positive attitudes towards College LRC

To supervise and provide specialist support to students with barriers to learning on a one-to-one basis, in a small group or in or out of the classroom.

To monitor students’ reading activity and habits to accurately record achievement / rewards according to agreed procedures.

To monitor educational materials for use in the College in order to identify examples of any inappropriate material.


To be the responsible budget holder for the effective budgetary planning and management of the Learning Resource Centre resources. Compile, budget and cost estimates based on documented program needs.

To prepare and manage the LRC budget.

Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerised reports, records, and other documents required.

Develop and coordinate a continuing evaluation of the Learning Resource Centre program and make changes based on the findings.

Perform day to day management of the Learning Resource Centre, including selection, acquisition, and organisation of resources.

Produce displays and visual stimulus to make sure that the Learning Resource Centre is an attractive place to study.


Stock/Resource Management

Monitoring returns and damage to lending resources and creating appropriate communications and systems to ensure that theft and damage are minimised.

To select and purchase Learning Resource Centre resources in all appropriate formats, in consultation with the various teaching staff, utilising an appropriate range of suppliers.

To organise the cataloguing, classifying, and indexing of the Learning Resource Centre resources and resources located elsewhere in the College, in all formats, as required. This should ensure that access to and retrieval of material and information is as efficient as possible.

To manage the day-to-day organisation of the Learning Resource Centre, including the supervision of routine clerical duties such as filing, shelving, issue, and recovery systems. To provide training as necessary for students or other volunteers involved in assisting with running the Learning Resource Centre.

To ensure that book stocks and all Learning Resource Centre resources are carefully monitored.

To develop, in consultation with teaching staff, the provision of information services using appropriate technology to support the curriculum and individual information needs.


Communicate clearly and effectively in both formal and informal setting with all members of the College community.

Curate and disseminate information relevant to the Belvedere College SJ. community.

Organise and co-ordinate an induction of new students in conjunction with S AEN staff in respect of services and resources available.


Create an inviting and purposeful environment where students can work, learn, or participate in any College-related initiative, individually or collaboratively.

To disseminate information on resources and services through the production of curriculum-based bibliographies of College Learning Resource Centre resources and where appropriate, organise book events, author visits, book fairs and exhibitions.

Plan and deliver all new and existing reading for pleasure initiatives whole College e.g., World Book Day, BookBuzz, National Poetry Day and Bloomsday.

Organise and promote activities and events that stimulate innovation, inform and inspire students, staff and the Belvedere College SJ. community through a range of media and technologies, in liaison with relevant co-curricular staff, teaching staff, and external bodies.

Organise open evenings and parents’ evenings.

Work Collaboratively

Ability to engage and work with colleagues in the wider College community.

Work closely with the E-learning team on projects and events, and in daily operations.

Liaise closely with appropriate teaching staff to develop resource collections for collection, when required.

To develop and maintain links with external agencies and sources to maximise the use of appropriate materials and information for the Learning Resource Centre resource centre, including Dublin City Council Learning Resource Centre Service, public libraries, museums, local colleges, community learning services and other local authorities.

Professional Development

Willingness to engage with professional bodies to stay abreast with professional developments in College Libraries and similar services.

In conjunction with the line manager, to take responsibility for personal professional development, keeping up to date with research and developments related to the provision and management of the libraries.

To undertake in-service training and other training as appropriate, including College based CPD, to meet the requirements of this role.

IT Developments

“The Learning Resource Centre is the central facility within the College where information, technology, learning and teaching needs are supported by qualified information specialists.” Hay (2012):

Take responsibility, as part of the LRC for curation of web-based Learning Resource Centre Resources, in liaison with other appropriate staff.

To contribute to the development and promotion of the use of relevant ICT applications to support learning and teaching in the Learning Resource Centre including all digital and hard copy material, email and internet and keep abreast of ICT initiatives which have impact on the delivery of a College Learning Resource Centre resource service.

To promote and develop, where appropriate in the use of ICT applications and other Learning Resource Centre resource centre facilities.

Promote the most effective environmentally friendly methods of information sharing and dissemination to students and staff and in the use of common ICTs and applications.

Ensure the LRC is a vibrant and engaging presence in the college social media, including the website which provides constituents with current and relevant information.

Use the Learning Resource Centre system to issue and discharge books and equipment, and to maintain and add records.

Contribute regular articles to the College newsletter.

Internal compliance

Actively follow and abide by all approved Belvedere College SJ. policies, procedures and other approved controls, and maintain awareness of changes to any of these.

Being aware of and acting upon relevant College policies and those associated with Child Protection/Safeguarding Children and Health & Safety issues.

Being responsible for maintaining a welcoming, well ordered and work focussed environment.

Attending relevant meetings as required.

Acting as a role model for the students in College.

Acting as an ambassador for College and ensuring that the College’s high standards are always promoted.


This job description will be subject to review in the light of changing circumstances and may include any other duties and responsibilities as may be determined from time to time.

How to Apply:

Email your application to include a cover letter and up to date Curriculum Vitae to: by 3.00pm on Friday 21st  January 2022.

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, younger learners and vulnerable adults and we expect all staff This post is also subject to satisfactory references, proof of right to work in the EU and other pre-employment checks where applicable.

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer.


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