The Revenue Librarian supports the research and information needs of Revenue staff, and is responsible for the management and development of the Revenue’s library service.

The Revenue Library is currently located in D’Olier House, D’Olier Street, Dublin 2. Revenue currently employs approximately 6,000 staff in offices in Dublin and throughout the country, and the Library provides a service to all staff.
The Librarian will be responsible for the management and continued development of the library service, including collection development, supporting the research and information needs of Revenue staff and the promotion of library services across the organisation.

He/she will have responsibility for a wide range of functions, including:
 Managing the Revenue Library & Research Service.
 Developing, improving and promoting the full range of library services and resources.
 Developing the Library’s collection of electronic and print resources.
 Supporting the development and management of Revenue’s enterprise taxonomy.
 Providing research support to all Revenue staff.
 Providing training to Revenue staff on the use of online tax and legal resources.
 Providing helpdesk support for online resources to Revenue staff.
 Managing the Library’s budgets for print and electronic resources.
 Negotiating contracts and licences for online resources.
 Carrying out procurement process for purchasing of print materials for Revenue staff.
 Cataloguing and classifying library materials.
 Maintaining and updating the Library Management System (Koha).
 Maintaining and developing the Library’s intranet pages.
 Co-ordinating the Library Liaison Committee and chairing meetings.
 Monitoring sources of information in order to keep staff appraised of developments relevant to tax, customs, excise and accountancy.
 Leading, managing and developing the library/team.
 Such other duties as may be assigned by Revenue from time to time.

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