Short contract for librarian to list and catalogue a collection of Musical programmes and related documents.

Project details and brief:

Dublin City Library & Archive, Pearse Street, houses the Dublin City Archives and the Dublin
and Irish Collections (Special Collections, Early Printed books and Manuscripts) of Dublin
City Council Public Libraries and Archives. The Reading Room provides research space for
those studying the history of Dublin and Ireland.

The successful candidate will be nominated as a contractor to work on listing and
cataloguing a new donation to the Dublin & Irish Collections made up of musical
programmes and related documents from the late 20th century to 2014. The contractor will
create an Access database and populate it with the relevant records, s/he will handle the
documents with care, removing any staples, metal clips etc. and placing them in appropriate
acid-free envelopes or folders.

The contractor will work independently on the electronic listing. The project will be conducted
in Dublin City Council’s Dublin City Library and Archive on Pearse Street. As funding has
been received for this project it amounts to 69 hours work at €20 per hour, totally €1,380.
The position is suitable for candidates hoping to work in a library environment or in another
cultural institution.

 Professional library / information qualification.
 Accuracy in work and attention to detail is essential.
 Ability to plan and organise a project, and to work independently.
 Good ICT skills, especially in the use of Access database.
 Knowledge of classical / orchestral music would be an advantage.
 Previous experience with databases or cataloguing would be an advantage.
Terms and conditions of contract (see also the appendix):

1. There is one position to filled.
2. Working times may be flexible within the opening hours of the library: Monday to
Thursday 10.00 am to 8.00 pm; Friday to Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.
3. The successful candidate will be considered as self-employed for the purposes of the
contract and will not be an employee of Dublin City Council. The duration of this
project will be limited to 69 hours with the fee of €1,380 paid on receipt of invoices as
4. The successful candidate must register with Dublin City Council as a contractor.
5. The successful candidate may be required to be registered for VAT. For further
information visit
6. Payment to the successful candidate will be on production of invoices.
7. All reports, and other outputs generated as part of the project will be the property of
Dublin City Council, which will own copyright in such reports, and other outputs

How to apply:
 Please send CV and covering letter by email to not
later than 5 pm on Friday 26th June 2015.
 Candidates may be short listed as part of the selection process.
Appendix – Notice To Suppliers

a) Amendments to this document – Dublin City Council reserves the right to update or
alter any information contained within this document at any time.
b) Rejection of any or all proposals – Dublin City Council does not bind itself to accept
the lowest or any proposal. It reserves the right to reject in whole or in part any or all
proposals received.
c) Financial Arrangements – Payment to the successful contractor for all services will be
on foot of appropriate invoices. Invoicing arrangements will be agreed with the
successful supplier following the award of contract. All proposals should be priced in
€ (Euro), exclusive of VAT. Dublin City Council will not be liable in respect of any
costs incurred by suppliers in the preparation of proposals or any associated work.
d) Electronic Funds Transfer – payments to the successful contractor for all services will
be made only by electronic funds transfer (EFT). The successful contractor will be
required to provide the bank details and other information necessary to facilitate
payment by EFT.
e) Tax Clearance Certificate – Before a contract is awarded the successful contractor
will be required to produce a Tax Clearance Certificate. All payments under the
contract will be conditional on the contractor being in possession of a valid certificate
at all times.



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