Library and Information Service Co-ordinator, Dublin 8

Description: Job description and how to apply

Location: Learning and Development Service, National Office, Dublin 8.

Employment type: Part time (30 hrs) & permanent

Salary: €31,475 – €45,234

What does the Barnardos Library and Information Service do?

The Library and Information Service is responsible for supporting the information and resource needs of anyone with an interest in children’s well-being.

The library service provides its members, both internal and external to Barnardos, with the latest research and practice resources on children and their families. Members of the library include policy makers, practitioners and students.

The information service component of the service responds to telephone, email and drop-in enquiries from professionals, students and the general public on issues to do with children and their families such as children’s well-being, child welfare and child protection.

What will the Library and Information Service Co-ordinator do?

The role of the Co-ordinator is to ensure the co-ordination, delivery and development of Barnardos Library and Information Service.

Key responsibilities will include the line management of the Library, Information and Advice Officer and management of the day-to-day delivery of the service.

In addition, the Co-ordinator will be responsible for the implementation of the development strategy for the service including the systems management, acquisitions and collection development, licence and online subscriptions management, co-ordination of services under relevant funding streams, service metrics and reporting, information literacy and skills training and resources, marketing and promotion of the service, current awareness services and increasing and diversifying membership.

Knowledge required

  • Knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for reading, learning and information literacy.

  • Understanding of and ability to facilitate practitioners learning and information needs.

  • Awareness of national and international trends in library and information environment.

  • Proven ability to use Microsoft Office applications, management information systems and/or bibliographic databases.

  • E-capable and e-confident with an understanding of web-technologies and proficient in internet searching.

Experience required

A minimum of 3 years post qualification experience and demonstrated management capacity essential.

Experience in a management or leadership role is highly desirable.

Qualifications required

Primary degree in Librarianship or Information Science or an equivalent qualification that is recognised by the Library Association of Ireland.

Closing date: Thursday 17, May 2018

To apply: If you are interested in this role, please fill out this application form.


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