The Library Service is an integral part of the Prison Education Service and to this end there are well stocked libraries in all of the prison estate. The objective is to provide a library and information service to the prison population, of equivalent standard to that provided to the branch libraries in the outside community, where library users can interact with prison staff and each other in a more normalized environment than may be the case elsewhere in the prison.

The Irish Prison Service invite tenders for the training of a cohort of selected prisoners, in library function and management, namely stock acquisition and control, checking in and out of books, cataloguing, etc., so that the libraries in the listed Campus (Prisons) are open and functioning as libraries for the full extent of the published opening hours.


Technical & Professional Ability

A Masters in Library Information Studies or Equivalent is required. Please provide evidence of qualification.

Requirements & Specifications

Train prisoners to undertake the duties of a Library Assistant with a view to award the trainee a certificate of competency awarded by Dublin City Public Libraries. A training manual developed by Dublin Prison Library Service is attached for your information.

The Prisons and the estimated number of training days are

Prisonestimated number of training days

Midlands Campus (Midlands & Portlaoise) 14

Castlerea 6

Limerick 5

Cork 5

Total 30

Training will commence immediately after contract award with the Midlands Campus as the first location.


Bidders should quote a price per day for the complete roll out of the training program. All Prices quoted must be all-inclusive (i.e. including but not limited to all costs/expenses/indexation/travel & subsistence), be expressed Euro only and exclusive of VAT. The VAT rate(s) where applicable should be indicated separately. Your price quotation should be submitted as a separate document (file) and your main tender document should not contain any reference to pricing.

Award Criteria









Implementation Plan – Provide an outline plan of how you would carry out this project demonstrating your understanding of the scope and objectives of the project.



 The process steps are 

  • Potential bidders to set up account on eTenders.
  • Furnish Irish Prison Service with their eTenders registration name.
  • The Irish Prison Service will invite, via eTenders, the potential bidders to tender.

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