Sub-LibrarianCollections, Content, Heritage and Knowledge
Role Objective: A member of the Library Management Team with significant leadership and management responsibilities, contributing to the achievement of the strategic mission, goals and objectives of the Library & Information Service in support of the Strategic Plan of The Bar of Ireland.  Supporting one of our three strategic pillars by ensuring our Collections are robust and accessible in a knowledge based, networked environment.
Competence Area: Skill  Related Tasks Description – List is not exhaustive
Technical Competencies Collections and Content Manage and develop all library collections, electronic, digital and print.  Ensure comprehensive, robust and resilient collections to meet members’ needs.
Using the strategy as a framework to inform the Collection Development Policy for the development of the library’s information resources, including selection, acquisition, retention and disposal. To use the plan as a risk management tool for the service.
Understanding the nature of collections and how this is changing: set out and apply criteria for selection, acquisition, conservation and disposal of resources to organise collections of every kind, to look after them and guarantee accessibility.
Digitalisation Contribute to the design and development of a digital repository for The Bar of Ireland.
Knowledge Management Develop the library as a broker and disseminator of information, as well as a repository, through exhibitions, publications and specialist initiatives.
Library Operations Support Support the development of a space management programme for library resources.
Benchmark services against established sector best practice.  Develop new ideas to ensure the library’s offering is delivered to a high standard, is responsive and reflects changing user needs. Compile and analyse key statistics to allow informed decision making.
Manage and direct the work, including performance development and evaluation of the staff within position remit.
Legal Jurisdictions Has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Irish Legal System, including its legislative process and courts system.  Has an excellent knowledge of the jurisdictions of England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Has a very good understanding of other common law jurisdictions.  Has an excellent understanding of EU law and its place in Irish law.
Legal Resources (multi-jurisdictional) Has an excellent knowledge and understanding of all relevant legal resources both electronic and print.
Ability to advise on collection development over a wide range of practice areas through in-depth knowledge of database, textbook and journal sources, including historical sources.
Financial Management Maintain up-to-date knowledge of organisation’s financial priorities and strategy.
Responsible for drawing up department’s budget, forward planning for future budget years and liaising with organisation’s management as required.
Responsible for drawing up business cases for new services and staff
Responsible for contract negotiations with suppliers and vendors within own remit
Ability to demonstrate value of products and services.
Organisational Competencies Customer Focus Dedicated to our “Member first” ethos, proactively seek feedback from members, as appropriate and take positive steps to enable our organization to serve our members more effectively.
Communication Show open and engaged communications with the ability to listen and respond with respect and clarity. Skilled at conveying information to members and colleagues.
Collaboration Demonstrate a cooperative spirit and work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve team goals and objectives. Develop and maintain effective working relationships across teams; encouraging and offering cooperation.
Leadership Competencies Strategic Focus Advocate and support the delivery of the strategic plan, ensuring team members understand their role therein.
Continuous Improvement Champion Staying informed of industry trends and changing technology. Making suggestions on ways to solve problems, improve workflow without being asked.
People Development Set and maintain high performance standards for self and team members, ensuring to give positive and constructive feedback regularly.


Person Specification

Experience and Qualifications

  • A postgraduate qualification in Library and Information Science, recognised by the Library Association of Ireland
  • At least three years’ experience at leadership and management-level in a Library & Information Services setting, preferably in a legal, special or equivalent environment


  • Professional knowledge and expertise in library operations and management, including digital developments and how they may support and contribute to The Bar of Ireland’s strategic goals and objectives.
  • Understanding of the role the library plays in preserving the culture and heritage of the profession and the ability to develop initiatives to support this.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a significant library budget.
  • Demonstrated experience leading, supervising and managing teams, preferably in a legal library setting.
  • Experience using a variety of platforms and applications for the development and delivery of a 21st century library and information service.
  • Engages well with stakeholders, both internal and external, and responds to their needs while managing expectations.
  • Knowledge or understanding of the publication process is desirable.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with proven ability to proactively manage relationships.
  • Strong organisation and prioritisation skills and the ability to handle a busy, varied workload.
  • Team player, who can self-start and work independently.

Sub Librarian role is €59,000 and is related to a payscale.

Application Process:

  • Candidates should submit a cover letter and full CV by e-mail to by 4pm on Friday 14th October.


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